Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Democratic Rural Conference & Executive Committee of the State Committee

Fall Business & Reorganizational Meeting, October 1, 2012, Albany, New York Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Dudley, Warren Co. State Committee Member

I. Democratic Rural Conference (DRC) Meeting:

  1. Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Introduction of new State Committee Executive Director Rodney Capel and candidates running for N.Y. State Assembly and Senate seats present.
  3. Committee Reports and Discussions: Potential By-Law Change, regarding voting rights of Associate members, non-voting members, those not members of the State Committee or Committee Chair. To be voted upon at Spring General Membership Meeting of the DRC 4/26 & 4/27, 2013.
  4. Discussions regarding: Voting changes due to redistricting; and the 2013 Conference
  5. New Business: Discussion regarding upcoming meeting of the meeting of National Federation of Democratic Women, Oct 19th & 20th, Newburgh, New York
  6. Old Business: Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Fund Fall Luncheon Oct. 15th
  7. Adjournment

II. Executive Committee Meeting:

All Resolutions were tabled for further discussion at the next committee meeting
New Business:

  1. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has asked and is seeking best scientific advice regarding Hydrofracking; commendation and proclamation of Gov. Cuomo for so doing.
  2. Resolution to support those duly Dem. candidates nominated by town and city committees for 2012 for all levels of government that they have the support of NYS Committee. 3. Discussion of N.Y. Women’s Federation meeting, Oct. 19th and 20th. 4. Motion to adjourn

III. Business Meeting of New York State Democratic Committee

  1. The following motions were carried, seconded and approved: to fill vacancies with new committee members, as read; to approve minutes of prior meeting.
  2. New County Chairs welcomed.
  3. Rules of Dem. State Committee readopted amended rules, as per every 2 years.
  4. Election of Officers of N. Y. State Democratic Committee including Sheila Comar (Washington Co.) Executive Chair and Lynne Boecher (Warren Co.), Vice Treasurer
  5. and two additional electors, Steve Applebaum and Maria Cuomo Cole to the DNC.
  6. Caucus Election of Judicial Districts adopted.
New Business:

  1. Charlie King previous Exec. Chair of Dem. State Committee was thanked.
  2. Discussion of support for Sean Patrick Maloney, Dem,. candidate, 19th CD, against incumbent Nan Hayworth.
  3. Happy 90th birthday wished to Mary Iacone, Washington Co. State Committee member.
  4. Adjournment

Democratic Rural Conference Executive Committee Meeting December 1, 2012, Syracuse, New York

  1. The following motions were carried, seconded and approved: To approve of minutes of August Board meeting, September Conference call & October 1 meeting and to approve October 1, 2012, Treasurer’s Report
  2. Address by Stephanie Miner, Mayor of Syracuse and Co-chair State Committee.
  3. Nominations to fill vacancies on DRC Board, elections followed
  4. Discussions: of Spring Conference April 26 & 27, 2013, Hilton Inn, Saratoga Springs, theme of Conference, training for local races, field programs; party building.
  5. Committee Reports: school funding, unfunded mandates, fees for trucks on N.Y. State Thruway and effectiveness of Regional Development Councils.
  6. Discussion about by-law change regarding Associate Member to be addressed at Spring meeting.
  7. Discussion by Rodney Capel, State Committee Exec. Director, regarding change and professionalization of the Appointment’s process. 

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